Unlike other options out there, our covers are FULLY PADDED. This means NO MORE Boot Scuff Marks!!  And the 100% Fleece-Lining on the underside means there will be NO THREAD CONTACT on your lids that can scratch your paint!!  They are Designed to Fit Properly right out of the box.  They don’t shift or vibrate.  They don’t allow air and road debris to get trapped underneath.  The other guys can’t say that.

Our covers are Fully Removable and Interchangeable.  They are not just another bolt-on that will get lost in the parking lot!

Any reason is a Great Reason to choose ShoreFire:  Protect your investment…  Enhance your current ride…  Rejuvenate a lid in need of TLC…  Fraction of the cost of any paint and body work…  Increases your bikes value…  Make A Statement!!

Each of our Premium Saddlebag Lid Covers are Individually Handcrafted at our facility in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Production begins once you place your order.  Why do we do this?  A couple reasons…

One is Quality Control.  All of our covers go through a thorough final inspection and our proprietary Steam-Fitting process.  All of our covers arrive to you pre-fit and relaxed for an easy installation.

Also… We want YOU to have full autonomy over your covers design.  YOU design YOUR covers for YOUR bike that suits YOUR tastes. 

Meet Joe G