How do your covers attach to the saddlebag lids?

Our saddlebag lid covers attach via provided Industrial Strength Velcro strips that are placed on the inside of the saddlebag lid.  Alcohol prep pads are included with the installation instructions for your lid covers.  There are NO tools or modifications required for installation.

I've seen Velcro become loose from heat on other brands lid covers before.  Will this happen with ShoreFire's?

No this will not!  The Industrial Strength grade Velcro we supply with all covers is rated for temperatures exceeding 150 degrees.  Other brands supply only general purpose Velcro, which has a much lower heat tolerance. 

Will your covers work on factory speaker saddlebag lids?

Our covers will fit over factory saddlebag lids with speakers, but they will also greatly impact the sound

What makes your covers different than all the others?

      There are several areas where ShoreFire excels over other covers on the market.

  • We take pride in our superior fit - Each ShoreFire product is individually hand crafted to have a proper fit the first time, every time.
  • Graphic options available - A ShoreFire Exclusive: No longer are you limited to 2 options; Studs or No Studs. ShoreFire products allow you to make a statement with our graphic elements.
  • Fully Padded - A ShoreFire Exclusive: All ShoreFire lid covers integrate ¼" of padding for added protection. This is just what's needed to protect your saddlebags from road debris and boot heels.
  • Fully Fleece Lined - A ShoreFire Exclusive: There is no exposed stitching that will rub and mar your paint. All the contact points on our covers are soft to the touch.

How soon will I receive my lid covers once an order is placed?

Each of our products are individually hand crafted.  This ensures that each set of covers meets our high standards.  There is approx. 1-2 weeks fabrication and shipping time involved with each set of covers.  This time may be greater during peak times of seasonal demand.