Bomber – HD Saddlebag Lid Covers


Bomber – HD Saddlebag Lid Covers


Signature “Bomber” Design – Stretched Diamond Design

Our Premium Saddlebag Lid Covers fit all standard Harley Davidson hard saddlebags from 1993-2013 and 2014-present models.

Saddlebag Lid Covers are NOT an afterthought here at ShoreFire.   We do not outsource production.  We aren’t distracted by other products.  Saddlebag Lid Covers are what we specialize in.  They are what we take pride in fabricating for you.

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Unlike other options out there, our covers are FULLY PADDED. This means NO MORE Boot Scuff Marks!!  And the 100% Fleece-Lining on the underside means there will be NO THREAD CONTACT on your lids that can scratch your paint!!  They are Designed to Fit Properly right out of the box.  They don’t shift or vibrate.  They don’t allow air and road debris to get trapped underneath.  The other guys can’t say that.

Our covers are Fully Removable and Interchangeable.  They are not just another bolt-on that will get lost in the parking lot!

Any reason is a Great Reason to choose ShoreFire:  Protect your investment…  Enhance your current ride…  Rejuvenate a lid in need of TLC…  Fraction of the cost of any paint and body work…  Increases your bikes value…  Make A Statement!!

Each of our Premium Saddlebag Lid Covers are Individually Handcrafted at our facility in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Production begins once you place your order.  Why do we do this?  A couple reasons…

One is Quality Control.  All of our covers go through a thorough final inspection and our proprietary Steam-Fitting process.  All of our covers arrive to you pre-fit and relaxed for an easy installation.

Also… We want YOU to have full autonomy over your covers design.  YOU design YOUR covers for YOUR bike that suits YOUR tastes. 


Ordering Process:

1)  You Choose the Design You Want.  Browse the Various Designs We Offer That Would Best Complement Your Bike.

2)  Then use the Drop-Down Menu to Choose your Bikes Year Range and Desired Thread Color. 

It’s that easy



Our products are made with 100% Marine-Grade Vinyl.  Why did we choose this material?  It’s the BEST material for the application.  The premium vinyl we use is a vast upgrade from the OEM vinyl used on their seats.  Our vinyl will never split, crack, fade, or peel on you.  They will look just as great for you after 10 years as they did on Day 1.  Easy Maintenance, just wipe clean with a damp cloth.  And if desired, a deep rich black can be brought out of them with any vinyl protectant of your choice.

Even our thread has been carefully and purposely chosen.  We use only Bonded, Non-Wicking thread for all of our colors.   Their colors remain vibrant while keeping out the elements.

Some of the best features and care are in areas you won’t even see…  Their Full Padding and Fleece Lining!!  A quarter-inch of foam padding backs the outer vinyl layer.  This enhances the stitched graphics giving them a 3-D appearance, as well as protects your lids from impacts.  Sealing it all underneath is a layer of soft polar fleece.  No thread or foam will ever touch your paint!

Our covers will not affect your lid closure!  The portion of our covers that wrap around your lid and weather stripping is ThinTough, and Waterproof.  You’re free to ride securely.



Our covers wrap right around your stock saddlebag lids and are held in place on the inside via Industrial-Strength Velcro strips.  Nothing is ever bonded to your outside paint.  We do NOT use the same Velcro as used by other manufactures.  We can’t emphasize this enough!!  We worked directly with the staff at Velcro USA, Inc. to find their best product to use for our application.  The Velcro adhesive we use is rated to hold in 250+ degree temperatures.  This means they won’t gum up like the general purpose hook & loop others offer.  This industrial-strength bond, combined with our form-fit design, means the Velcro strips will not delaminate on you even in the hottest areas of the country.

Everything you need for a Tool-Free Installation is included with your lid covers; Easy Instructions, Alcohol Prep Pads, Industrial-Strength Velcro Strips, and some other goodies (stickers, cards, etc…)



We ship via UPS and the USPS.  We use premium custom packaging for our products.  It is crush resistant and oversized.  Why is this?  It’s because we don’t believe rolling up and shoving your covers in a tiny box to save a few cents on shipping cost, after we take the time to properly steam fit them, is a good idea!  No other manufactures steam fit their covers before they go out.  And no other manufactures covers are as thick and protective as ours.  So sticking their product in a small box works for them.  We believe you deserve better.

Free Shipping on all Domestic US Orders,  $49.99 USD on International Orders.



COVERS ARE SOLD IN PAIRS.  Quantity of “1” equals both the right and left sides.

All covers are made to order.  Please allow 1-2 weeks fabrication.  Tracking information will be emailed once fabrication is complete.

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Protect your investment…  Enhance your current ride…  Rejuvenate a lid in need of TLC…  Fraction of the cost of any paint and body work...  Increases your bikes value…  Make A Statement!!  

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